About us

Shirtinator is one of Europe's leading online providers of customised textiles and personalised gifts such as custom t-shirts and hoodies, personalised mugs, and much more. At Shirtinator, all you need are some creative ideas and you are just a few clicks away from a unique, personalised gift. You can upload a photo to have printed on a t-shirt, or just type in your personal slogan on the front of a hoody. Or on the back. Or anywhere, really: you design it and we print it! And Shirtinator provides outstanding printing quality at all times.

If you run your own website, blog or online shop, Shirtinator also gives you a great opportunity to monetize your website traffic. Just open up your own online t-shirt shop and set your own prices, or place our fantastic T-Shirt Creator on your site and earn a commission of 20% per sale on the net order of the sales you generate. Running a Shirtinator shop on your website allows you to strengthen your brand, makes your website more attractive to the customer, and more profitable for you. Best of all, running a Shirtinator t-shirt shop on your site is completely free!

If you have any further questions regarding our custom T-Shirt Creator or T-Shirt Shop solution, don't hesitate to contact our specialists at service@shirtinator.co.uk. With Shirtinator, t-shirt printing is really easy.


Click for Climate

Before a product arrives at your doorstep it has already come a long way. Material sourcing, production, transport and shipping: these are the main factors that make up the carbon footprint of this product.

At Shirtinator you can reduce the carbon footprint of your order and support selected climate protection projects.

Together we act against climate change!

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